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puffinn's Journal

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Why puffin you ask? Pufin was the results of a test I once took(Well twice in search of different results didn't think being a puffin sounded to exciting and manly at first) entitled what is youre animal magnetism.
and here is a description.

Jeremy, you're a Puffin in the wild world of love.

Aww, you sweet Puffin. You probably fall on the more traditional side of the relationship spectrum. Mating to you is more about expressing your feelings and being in love than having a frisky frolic on an island with someone you've just met. You probably take a cue from your puffin counterparts in the wild who are monogamous and keep the same mate for life.

You won't be serving many pick-up lines on your menu for romance. But that's not to say that you aren't colorful and playful. You're just more cuddly-sweet than come-hither. You probably would swim the seven seas in search of your soul mate. Once the search is over and you've found that special someone, you're the type to settle into romantic bliss — for good. Your loyalty and devotion are unquestionable. And canoodling with your mate is one of the richest rewards in life to people like you. Essentially, what it comes down to is this: When you find the right one, bye, bye, birdie! You'll be off the market for good

So there you go the origions of PUFFINN.
Also I really don't check spelling and grammar on this journal. Why? Because it's a journal and I have enough situations in life where I have to keep track of those little things. This is about communicating with friends in an open and spontanious way. And ohnestly without concentration, I am a terrible speller. I was also told by a girl once that my poor spelling was a sort of charming eccentricity. Weird girls.. But any way. That's why the spelling is so horrible, I know there is a spell check option, but it is an option I choos not to use.
Now you know.